Friday, September 05, 2008

The old dog trying to do old tricks

I have a large bruise/scrape on my knee from falling down while trying to run to first base during last night's softball game. My legs just can't keep up with my desire for speed and I'm awkward and I fall down. I would probably laugh if I saw anybody else do it and my teammates and I DID share some chuckles once everybody knew that I was not hurt bad. And I did get up and return to the mound and retire all three players in the top of the next inning. And we won the game.

My legs feel as if they have no spring left in them and the joints are just bare bone.

The good thing is that I'm not sore today except for the parts of me that hit the ground.

I really need to get to a batting cage and work on my hitting. As for my running? Well, that's going to be a much longer process.

We can always just cut your legs off then Voila, no more knee problems.

Are you stretching/warming up properly before you are being base running Dan?
I remember when I started feeling too old to be playing kid games. I was jumping rope with Kate and sprained my ankle. I hurt long enough that the reminder remains. I still run once in a while, but very carefully!
I stretch/warm up by walking from the car to the field.
...and that's why you'll find me in the bleachers.
Ok, everybody stretch now!
You NEED to stretch. Serious injury isn't worth the twenty or so minutes of looking like a "flake".

Ya putz.
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