Sunday, September 28, 2008

How do I write boredom?

I wish I had too much to do instead of too much time and nothing to do, or say. I wish I had a chair on the dusty porch of an abandoned building and only the sounds of surrounding nature. I want the sun at my back and the breeze in my face. I want the songs I love on the radio and the shows that make me laugh on the TV. I want women to come and go without saying anything or wanting me to remember their names. I want cherry flavored powerade just the right temperature. I want these really nice frames I saw a guy wearing in the movie Ghandi. I want to sit on a nice sofa in a lounge and listen to Joni Mitchell play all her piano songs. I want to drive back and forth on I-8 between Gila Bend and Casa Grande with the top down and Rickie Lee Jones' Last Chance Texaco blaring out of the stereo. I want to walk through a ghost town with tumble weeds. I want to walk along the beach as the rising tide swamps the castles and I love yous. I want to nurse my drink on the far end of the bar while a group watches the game on TV on the other end. I want play both end against the middle. I want to stare into the abyss. I want to wave to strangers and hang up on a friend. I want the neighbors complaining. I want the brakes to fail and the luck to kick in. I want them hung over the chair or crumpled on the floor. I want a do-over. I want to walk the miracle mile.

I want to sum it all up and then throw it all away.

I want very much to have all these things happen. But only when I want them too.

if only.
Uy no entiendo todo xD
wow, that was really well written. I think if you really want all those things you should make them happen. That isn't really asking too much :)
If you get a convertible with an extra seat, give me a call! I'm in!
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