Sunday, September 14, 2008

Call me heartless but don't call me stupid

They told the people of Galveston, Texas that a rather large storm, that some people in the weather business refer to as a hurricane, was coming. They gave them a three day heads up. They told them to get out. Many stayed instead. Now they are rescuing them.

Here's a sample conversation of me as a rescuer in a boat in Galveston.

Me: Are you injured?

Them: No

Me: Okay, good luck

Them: Wait. Where are you going?

Me: I'm looking for injured people

Them: But we need help

Me: Why didn't you evacuate?

Them: Uh......

Me: Good luck

And then I'd go away.

You see, these people were warned. And unlike the people of Cuba, these people had some way to escape the wrath of the storm. They were warned that 7-15 feet of sea water filled with all sorts of debris and sewage was going to cover their neighborhoods. They were told that the power was going to be out for days if not weeks. So basically, a hurricane returned Galveston to the 18th century. These people chose to stay after 21st century technology told them that they should leave town to avoid what some even referred to as "certain death".

That would have worked for me.

So that's why, if I were one of the first rescuers into that area, I would leave the uninjured fools where I found them until I knew that all the injured fools received the aid that they needed and that they were taken out of the affected area.

Then when the uninjured asked for help again I would get them out of the affected area. If they still wanted to stay they'd have to sign a legal document taking full responsibility for any injury or illness caused by storm damage.

If you stayed and you had children I would contemplate child endangerment charges.

Actually, I applaud you for this rationale.
I read an article today featuring a couple who "overslept" and thus did not evacuate...and I pretty much felt they got what they deserved.
I hate to admit but that's my thinking too.
I'm with you all the way!!
I want a signed copy of your first book Vato!!

We made it through the storm. Lots of wind damage, water damage and Maria is going crazy with no TV or internet or blow dryer. 10 days and counting with no electricity. 50 miles away from landfall and tornado like damage to the house and hood.
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