Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Buh bye Facebook

I shut it down. It was pretty worthless to me.

Two of my links has shut down their blogs and who knows if they will return. I wish them only the best.

If you have followed my blog you may know why I blog. I blog so that one day, when I am gone, my grandkids will be able to read and see a part of what I thought about things, or what was going on in my life. Of course I don't get TOO deep because you just can't do that all the time unless you can either do it without hurting someone or exposing yourself to hurt by others. That's a trick that few have been able to pull off.

So I never worry about being a "good" blog by those who judge such things (whoever they are) because I know my blog's purpose. I know some enjoy it who are not family and I've met many people, and seen links come and links go and in that way it is entertaining to me. But it's not for me. If it were for me and it's sole purpose was to entertain and become popular and read by many, it would have been shut down a long time ago.

I'm baaaaack :)
That's the nice thing about blogs.... They're yours to do with them what you will. If someone else happens to enjoy what you write- I think of it as a bonus.
I'm quite glad you're blogging, Dan :)
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