Tuesday, September 23, 2008

After today I only have two more days where I have too get up at 3AM. On Sunday my work day starts at noon. It will change my life. I will be able to get up and have breakfast. I will be able to watch Sunday Morning on CBS. When I get to Salt Lake City my work day will start at 1PM.

I will be able to read the morning paper. I'll even have it delivered to the house in SLC and maybe even go out in a robe and slippers to get it from the driveway.

Two eggs and bacon and maybe some sliced potatoes fried on an iron skillet like my gramma used to do it. I would just run the hot potato over the stick of butter and then right into my mouth. Multi grain toast and a big glass of milk will top it all off.

That will probably become my new morning ritual before anybody else is awake. The kids will read this and want to get up with me for breakfast. I will direct them to the cupboard containing the boxes of cereal.

They're on their own.

You enjoy your breakfast with gusto.
be careful with all that colesterol and grease
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