Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What doesn't kill you...

I knew it would happen when the weather went from hot hot hot to cold and I was already weak. I have a demon head cold from hell. I was at work went it put me down. I felt it coming but when I could no longer focus on my computer screen and concentrate on the task at hand, I bailed. I went home sick and called in sick yesterday too. This creates stress for me because I don't like calling in sick. But if I screw up at work, it's my butt. But then you raise eyebrows with some when you call in sick next to days off. It's always a dilemna for me but the latter is much easier to deal with.

you're lucky
i don't get to call in sick without a penalty. four times on a weekend within six months and i'm out!
I hope you feel better soon, Dan!
Awww, feel better soon!!
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