Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend off, off weekend

I got up and showered on Saturday and noticed that the wife had not been to bed. I saw her at the computer when I went down the stairs. I had my suspicion as to why she had not come to bed.

I turned on the TV to the Olympics on CBC and I saw the spider making it's way across the floor. I looked for a weapon and ended up grabbing a children's library book.

WHUMP on the floor went the book.

The spider kept walking despite my shot being on the mark.

Whump on the floor again.

Whump a third time and this time I grabbed a kleenex and finished the thing off.

My wife came down the stairs to find me on all fours. I could not get up. My lower back was protesting the slaughter of the innocent arachnid by paralyzing me with pain. The wife disposed of the spider and it took me a good five minutes to get up to a sitting position on the sofa.

Our son had not returned from his evening out which explains my wife not haviing come to bed. She had called his cell phone "20 times" and it was off. I moved around in pain before removing my uniform and calling in sick to work at 4:40. Our drunk son arrived home at 6AM to much chastizing and the claim that his phone had died. He also claimed that he was out "having fun" and that he was "responsible" as in responsible for his own actions. He also said that he worked at 9AM. Long story short, my wife went to bed and I stayed up to see the men's 100 meter final before joining her. At 8AM I opened the door to our son's room.

"Hey, responsible boy. It's 8 o'clock. Time to get up and get ready for work".

He stirred.

I stirred when I heard the phone ring downstairs after 9AM. The responsible boy made it to work around 10.

So today is Sunday and I called in sick again. It took me about 10 minutes of pain to get up from lying down feeling no pain to standing feeling like I stretched heavy rubber cords. The wife had to go down and bring up a kitchen chair for me to use to get upright. A family friend is a physiotherapist. He works with the Vancouver Giants and Canadian Women's Softball Team. Hopefully I can hook up with him for some acupunture.

Oooch, poor back. Sucks when things are not up to snuff,b ut I'm sitting here wondering just how big that spider was if it took 3 lickings before it stopped ticking.
I really don't like killing the spiders that get into the house. I like spiders. But what else are we to do? They'll just keep coming back through the cracks of this "fine" house.
oh man ouch.
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