Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Blogging for me is cyclical and I'm in the "chore" stage. I know I should but I get lazy. I try to come up with a story but only get sentences so I put it off.

My granddaughter has to be chased down when she has a load in her diaper because she'd rather play with toys than be changed. Of course that changes with age and social rules and we end up reprioritizing when it comes to loads but sometimes we still end up dancing in the bathroom before we pee.

I went to the wedding of a good friend to someone who is becoming a good friend and the asked so I took some portraits. I have never seen two people more in love. Just the look on their faces of such bliss hit me to the core when I worked on the shots in the computer. The wedding was outside at a park by a big river and I have never seen more cameras at a wedding in my life. Some of the still shooters were complaining about the video shooter and I was paid a huge compliment by one guy who saw me compose some shots with the flowers and the harp player and then shot the same after me.

But right after the ceremony the happy couple and I walked over to another place where it was just us for the portraits before going back over to the little dock where they had exchanged vows. I got my shots just ahead of the slew of photogs spotted us and came over for shots of their own.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the fact that many people were shooting because I don't shoot weddings except for this being a good friend who has seen a lot of my work and asked. It's hard to say no to the bride. All those other cameras take the pressure off me.

It was certainly the most photographed wedding I have ever seen. I MAY post a pic or two later. The newlyweds have not seen them yet.

I'd really enjoy the opportunity to see the wedding pics....if they are as in love as you claim it would be beautiful photography.....POST please!!!
I will. I just want them to see the shots first
Lemme see! Lemme see!
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