Thursday, August 28, 2008

My old is in the knees today and everything is boring

And of course the weather is miserable outside and I'm sick and I need to go pick up my laptop and hopefully pass on this cold to every employee at the Apple store.

I need a massage is what I need a massage would be wonderful. Then maybe a sauna where I'm the only one in the place and James Taylor's greatest hits plays over and over. When I was a missionary in Oruro, Bolivia I had a companion who turned me on to saunas and man was it great. Dry sauna with an indoor patio and sandwiches and the only time I ever enjoyed drinking orange fanta. And the only English record the guy had was James Taylor's greatest hits.

So that's what's playing on my iPod and I'm remembering the days when I was young and out on my own for the first, and last time. I made friends who were supposed to be friends for life but instead disappeared just as quick as they had appeared. I met some girls who I wanted to hold on to real tight and although I held on to one I always wonder about the others. Where they are, what became of them and what might have been. How my life would have been different.

That last paragraph, I wonder about stuff like that every day.
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