Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm reflecting on a week where my body shook me into the reality that the result of being an out of shape 50 year-old is pain.

My back went out doing something very simple and my legs gave out when I tried to run them around the bases. I haven't caught up with rest and could very easily sleep all day if I had the opportunity.

One of the things my body is doing to me is taking away any craving I have for coke until the need for self sustaining caffeine reaches a high level. People at the Burger King here in the food court were floored when I grabbed a milk and had to talk loudly to stop them from getting my usual 5AM coke.

Yes, or course I know what you're already planning to comment.

I just wanna know, if you've ever spent a day at work wearing the paper BK crowns they give out.

Have you/will you?
yay for milk! it does a Dan's body good!
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