Thursday, August 21, 2008

Genius my ass!

I just got a call from the Apple store. The genius (that's what they call their tech wizards) that told me my computer was going to cost me $218.00 called and told me he was wrong. He's sorry but it's going to cost $1,000,00 to fix. Seems the whole monitor needs to be replaced. So basically a little after a year, my $3,000.00 laptop is a paperweight.

I'm just a tad pissed.

No fucking way I'm spending a grand when I could take that grand and buy a NEW laptop. One that DOESN'T have a bitten apple on it. I think my ass is an apple and just got a bite taken out of it.

So now I'm on the phone, on hold actually, with Apple.

I was going to go eat sushi for lunch but now I'm just not hungry anymore.

So I came off hold with a consumer dept guy and in a couple of days I'm going to go pick up my new paperweight.

the whole screen has to be replaced?! what the hell
those apple mofuggas!!
i know so many people who have had major problems with their macs...
that's crappy news Dan. I can bitch slap those Apple techs down for you if you like ;)
you have one hour to pick up your computer
your computer has been crushed into a cube
you have one hour to pick up your cube
Hey Vato............I hate to say it but...........I TOLD YOU SO!!!

Remember that $450.00 ACER I bought Maria, running like a champ! still has them for around 500.00 with free shipping!
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