Thursday, August 28, 2008

"All softball games for Thursday, August 28th, have been cancelled due to rain"


I got my hair cut. Had about 75% of what was there taken off.
I picked up my laptop from the Apple store and dealt with more of their excuses.
I get to watch Obama's acceptance speach on TV now.
I don't know if I'll watch Gore's speech since I feel he's become pretty insignificant now.
I hit what I consider to be one of my best golf shots ever the other day. I used a 3 wood to hit the ball 200 yards to a spot about 12 feet from the pin giving us a shot at eagle. We settled for birdie. The ball is marked up and on my dresser with another awaiting my next visit to my dad's grave.

it's speech not speach.

and I got completly plastered and forgot to watch last night.
Um. New laptop? :) There should be more celebration than just an "I picked my laptop at the Apple store" :) hehehe

hope you're doing well, Dan!
i've been putting for eagle four times this year. i love those par fives, my new four wood is my new best friend. and for the record, i blew all four eagle opportunities and i still haven't broken eighty.
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