Friday, July 04, 2008

Today is Independence Day

It's the day that a bunch of men signed a paper saying that 13 colonies were no longer part of England. That they were going they're own way. It's the day that those delegates became fugitives and subject to hanging were any of them to be apprehended. Many of the colonists did not share their dream. Some say about half of the people in the colonies felt loyalty towards a king who wasn't even British. George III was actually German.

Back to our fugitives.

Those men had strong arguments between each other. Even as some of them later became Presidents of the United States there was open hatred among them. Yet they held together in this one thing. They had strong religious differences and yet held it all together.

I have been in the hall where they signed the Declaration of Independence on a hot, muggy July day in 1776.

I have been to the battery in South Carolina where cannons would fire on Fort Sumpter, starting the civil war. I have been on land taken from it's original inhabitants. I have been to places where people cross the border in the dark of the night to search of a better life. I have been from sea to shining sea and on the fruited plain and over the purple mountains majesty.

For all it's faults, for all it's missteps, for all it's errors, for all it's accomplishments, for all it's glory, it's my country and I am proud to be part of it.

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