Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So how did the day go?

Up very early just like my father did for many many years and a drive thru the predawn to work. Started out at a normal post and then called upon to clear up a log jam of people. Did that and then on to another. Worked that one and had time for a breath before being tapped to help clear yet another. Did that then got some food court chinese.

Someone commented that I seemed quieter than normal.

The mail brought good news of my $1,200 economic stimulus payment from uncle sugar. It's the least he could do since he stuck me up for 5K this year.

Some slow time before the drive to the train station to work that crowd. Pretty easy going and then towards the end I went to the bathroom and a young couple were dying their hair black in the sinks. I spoke some words of reassurance to the girl, telling her that they were at the age where the wild times were appropriate. All while standing at the urinal and her bent over the sink behind me about ten feet.

The drive home and nothing on the TV and John Mayer Trio on the laptop carried upstairs to bed waiting for the lights to go out.

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