Sunday, July 27, 2008


Les Hitchhikers

Maud from Paris and Jean Michel from Sherbrook. I saw them going to the highway from the fruit stand/coffee shop when I stopped to take some pictures. They looked like nice kids so I decided that if they were still waiting for a ride when I left that I would see where they were going. This was on the edge of Kelowna and I took them all the way to Lake Louise. It was just maybe 20 minutes out of my way. This is Maud's first time in Canada and the two came west to work picking cherries.

This picture was taken when we stopped to take pictures of a small store covered in hubcaps.

They said they would look up my blog. If you two drop by, I hope you made it back to Kelowna safe and sound and that you only run into nice people like me in your adventures because you are two really nice kids.

Bon Chance!!
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I hope the irony of his t-shirt isn't lost on anyone...
How nice of you to take them with you! I've only hitch hiked once and that was a very short drive from a store back to my house. I always look at it as something very dangerous.
they're adorable!
Adorable; that's the word!!
here is Maud speaking!!
i m back to France after four months in the greatfull Canada!
thanks for all the friendly people like you we met, making our travel so wonderfull.
See you next time on the road,

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