Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July is here and it's the most significant month of the year for a few reasons

My oldest son was born on the first. Happy birthday son. Getting him on the phone is pretty hard because he's a social butterfly.

The 6th is the last day my dad and I played golf and the 8th is a day I get really quiet.

Four years.

The 15th is my "twin" sister's birthday. I'm a year older but for 13 days we're always twins to our family. It drove us both nuts.

I drive over to Alberta again on the 20th or so.

The monsoons arrive towards the end of the month and they bring the thunderstorms that I adore to the desert that I adore too.

Then there's the 28th. The big five oh. Golden.

The party's at The Commodore Bowling Alley on Granville.

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