Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, here it is. My birthday. Sometimes I feel like being really philosophical about it and sometimes I don't

Let me just say I've been very very lucky and blessed in my life. I have a wonderful wife and great kids and beautiful grandkids. I have a well paying job and the only medication I take is for my cholestorol.

I've seen a lot and hope to see a lot more.

Happy birthday!! Here's too another 50!
Bonne fete.
Happy happy day! Looks like the bowling was fun, and I am sorry I had to miss out on the festivities.

Happy birthday! I didn't know it was your birthday (I couldn't have made it even if I knew about the festivities as I was still recovering from Blogathon). But I hope you had a wonderful time!
I'm sorry I missed your birthday.... Hope you're wishes came true. You share a bday with my grandmother who raised. The 28th of July is a very special day in my eyes.
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