Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'd try to be myself but myself will wonder why

Another day off has me talking to myself and hitting things back and forth like a tennis ball. I risked seriously jacking myself up. I walked out on a limb and swung, holding on with one hand in a strong breeze for a complete stranger. Somebody thought somebody was just kidding around when I knew he wasn't but he don't mean shit to me so it's no big deal so why does it bother me? People who can't do the job that I do have control over me when I'm doing it and now they're saying they have control over me even when I'm NOT doing it. There are cartoons on the TV that nobody's watching. Multitasking for me means not paying attention to the three things I'm currently doing.

best post ever!
maybe I should shower?
might be a good idea
what are you trying to say?
nothing. just that you have good ideas
thanks, I think
don't think. just go shower
yes sir
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