Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fireworks are on sale in Washington for the 4th of July

SON: Let's get some!
ME: They're illegal in Canada
SON: They're not illegal. They're just frowned upon.
ME: We can't take them across the border.
SON: What would they do if the found them?
ME: They'd comfiscate them. It would be embarrassing and it would get back to my boss.
SON: What did you guys do when you got them?
(referring to when I worked on the Mexican border)
ME: We lit them and threw them at each other.

It's sooo Canadian to frown upon things. ;)
I laughed out loud.
My dad used to buy fire crackers for when we did our week long canoe trips down the red deer river.
Me and 3 of my brothers and my dad in a canoe
for a week...
with explosives

clearly he is crazy
I have some sparklers in my cupboard. They are fairly harmless, and less frowned upon :)
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