Friday, July 11, 2008

The doctor says I'm gonna live

I don't have a hernia problem. The diagnosis is a muscle strain that's causing the pain. He copped a feel and I coughed and he said, no hernia. I was fasting so they could take some blood for testing of other things. The doc said that my last tests showed that my cholesterol level is fine and gave me a new Lipitor prescription. My blood pressure is normal, (always is) and I weigh 255 pounds. I was SO happy to hear that my cholesterol is good that we celebrated by going to breakfast at IHOP. I had my usual side order of biscuits and gravy with three eggs over easy right on top.


I wouldn't like if you had to go on some sort of diet...
That would be cr-azy!
Such good news! Made me smile!!

food is pleasure
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