Friday, July 18, 2008

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I received official word today that my next duty station will be Salt Lake City, Utah. Exactly when I move there will be determined at some later date.

Reasons I like this move:

Center of the Western U.S.
Four seasons
Work can't be as nuts as many places
A day's drive from Southern Alberta
Great local economy

UPDATE: I have received emails from my boss in Salt Lake and a friend who works there. It sounds like heaven. I am VERY excited.

A bell in the clock tower @ BYU plays "Come Come Ye Saints"

I think.

Other things to consider:
A 5 minute WALK for the kids to church
A 5 minute DRIVE to the stake center
Did you think about how many RM's will come through to home A DAY?!
Anarchy in the UK! anybody??
I thought one season would make things easier, but I bet it can get tiring.
That movie was terrible
maybe you and dooce can be friends?
congrats on the transfer. hopefully we'll get a chance to hang out again before you head out.
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