Thursday, July 03, 2008


WEATHERFORD, Texas — A man was sentenced to more than 4,000 years in prison Wednesday for sexually assaulting three teenage girls over two years.

A day after finding James Kevin Pope guilty, jurors sentenced him to 40 life prison terms — one for each sex assault conviction — and 20 years for each of the three sexual performance of a child convictions.

At the request of prosecutors, state District Judge Graham Quisenberry ordered Pope to serve the sentences consecutively, adding up to 4,060 years. He will be eligible for parole in the year 3209, according to the Parker County District Attorney's Office.

If he would have been convicted on the day that Christ was born, he'd have served just under half his sentence, and he'd still be in jail.

'nuff said

In canada he probably would have only gotten 5-15 years.
There is something wrong with my country
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