Monday, June 16, 2008

The zen of golf

I went a played golf today. I started out for shit. Two lost balls on the first hole. Two on the second. Scored a seven, then a nine. I didn't even finish the third hole. Through three holes I had lost seven balls. The fourth hole wasn't too bad. When my friend asked me what I shot on the fourth I replied, "I'm not keeping score anymore. I'm just going to make shots". I took that pressure off myself and proceeded to par the next five holes in a row. Then a bogie, par, par, par, bogie.

I let go of the end goal and broke it down to the basics of making shots. I concentrated on one moment at a time. I blew a couple of the last holes because I was starting to tighten up. Now I'm very sore and crampy because I'm very tired from working so many hours and getting so little sleep. But for a stretch of ten holes I was on fire.

Five pars in a row. My record is six. The ball I used in that streak is now on my dresser and "5 pars in a row" is written on it. It will sit on my dresser until my next visit to my father's grave where I will place it among the other golf balls that I've marked and set aside after having used them in some accomplishment of note on the golf course.

One shot at a time.

You're an adorable sap.
and YOU my dear will forever be my favorite cream pie thrower.

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