Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You work with people who you don't count really as friends but your cordial and laugh at times together because you're all in this thing together.

Then you turn your back and in goes the fucking knife.

You work your ass off for 20 years for an organization and your work ethic is better than most and to show their appreciation for your labor...

they twist the knife whenever they can instead of pulling it out.

If I drank, I'd be hammered
If I was an asshole I'd take it out on the wife
I just stay quiet and keep it all inside
Matt, you never read my blog but your song helped a lot today my friend

"I'm tired of walking around here with my hand on my gun"

That's how MY day went today.

Hope yours was better.

We'll all float on okay
Mine was OK and just got even better because I opened a bag of your crunchies!!!! :-)


2 bags of Cheetos in Blaine, WA $4
Postage to The Netherlands: $17
The look on JaG's face when she opened the box: PRICELESS
the world is full of assholes. keep calm, carry on, as they say. x
okay that wasn't Menelaos. that was ME! oh i hate me for signing in and not signing out!
Hey Vato,

How much longer at VCV?

It no better state side
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