Friday, June 06, 2008

Poor Willie went to see a traveling circus and it's famous talking dog act. The "talking dog" was, of course a well trained dog and a good ventriliquist. Of course there was a con artist willing to sell the secret of teaching dogs to make basic phonetic sounds. If some bird could be trained to talk afterall...

When the con man knew he had a certified sucker in Willie he sent him to a neighboring town where the "breeder" of the "talking dog" had a litter mate to the famous canine.

Willie spent his son's college money on the dog and lessons and special training and when he finally realized that he had been taken, he blew his brains out.

Willie's son (Willie Jr.) became an alcoholic and was pretty much worthless when a group of shrewd businessmen with shady pasts cleaned him up, and got him elected mayor. he continued to drink heavily but was "reelected" twice before the feds caught up with the "men behind the throne" and sent them all to prison. Willie Jr had been sober enough just one time to know where the money was hidden and made off with $500,000 in cash.

Willie Jr moved to Florida and bought a huge tract of worthless swamp land that is now called Disneyworld. Willie never married and when he died he left an estate worth 78 million dollars..... his dog

Wow. There should be a movie of that. How bizarre.
Boy, I sure love story time... ?
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