Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Twenty five years ago today I held an infant that meant more to me than anything. She was wrapped up in a blanket and looked like some sort of worm because of it. I was just under two months from reaching MY 25th birthday.

I held her in a stark, third world hospital where only six of the eleven babies born that day had survived their first hours. I was unemployed and uninsured yet the Bolivian health care system would see that she got the shots and care that she needed and that is something I cannot say would be a guarantee in my country today.

She thrived and was cherished by all who came in contact with her.

That continues to this day, her birthday

I love you Jennifer

happy b-day Jennifer. This is a beautiful post Dan.
i like how all MY birthday posts were post-birthday..haha

happy birthday jennifer
time flies
Love you too Daddy.
That's so sweet. Awe.
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