Thursday, June 26, 2008

So what's the big deal?

Today's this anniversary thing. Twenty six years.

We said our I do's and we're still doing. Four kids, many jobs, a few different cities and houses. I've put on a few pounds since then (90) but so what. She feeds me well. Maggie started taking vitamins after many years of me urging her to and she discovered that she now has a healthy appetite. So she asked me while I was lifting the second or third coke of the day to my lips, "will you still love me if I get fat"? "Of course, don't be silly" says I without hesitating.

Aint I sweet?

She's so silly to worry about me loving a few more pounds of her. As you know, I have a transfer coming up. Probably my last move before I retire and it weighs on me because there are many places I WANT to go but not all work for our situation with the kids. I asked her yesterday about the possibility of maybe trying for Bellingham. The thing that is first on my mind is to get away from these 8 month winters because she doesn't like the cold too much. And she responded the way she has responded in the past when I thought about going to Maine or South Carolina.

"I'll go wherever you go".

People say that a marriage takes work and there are lots of cliche' sayings about it but I'll tell you what's made us last this long. What's kept us together. Sure, we're in love and all that goofy stuff but the thing that's made it last is that we entered into it deciding that we were going to do it and stick to it.

We tease the kids every now and then about divorce but they don't take it too well. There's a couple of them that wouldn't speak to us again if we did that. Trust me though when I say that's not what keeps us together. (cue Captain and Tenille song) Because love isn't always the bright light it's supposed to be just like the sun isn't always visible in the Vancouver sky. But you know it's up there so you push through the rainy days because it's just simply what you do. Then when the sun comes out again you know why.

I love you Magaly.

congrats on 26 years! It was a pleasure meeting you and Maggie last night :)
Cute. Love makes the world go 'round.
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