Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rest in peace Brick

My uncle, Gerald "Brick" Huish lost his fight with cancer early this morning. He was almost 90 years old so the cancer had the upper hand. He was surrounded by his family when he left and that's always a nice thing. Brick is one of the people I have known all my life. Brick was born, raised, lived, worked, retired, died, and will be buried all in the town of Douglas, Arizona.

I worked the border at Douglas for seven years and there was one certainty about it. If I was at work at about 8-9 AM on Friday morning I could say hello to Brick. Every Friday he went across the line to Agua Prieta to buy freshly made corn tortillas. Friday night was taco night at Brick's house. It had been that way for 50+ years. He "demanded tacos on Friday" as my mother said today.

Brick will be laid to rest on Friday and I will be unable to travel to be there but we will honor my uncle from afar.

On Friday night, we will eat tacos.

Your family seems so close. I can be such a recluse. My mother is the youngest of ten. Nice post. Taco's is a great idea.
I'm sorry to hear that, Dan. Your post was simple and beautiful.
i'm there
I'm sorry for your loss.
thank you all.
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