Friday, June 06, 2008

One, two, three strikes you're SAFE?

I told you about Sandra in the sixth grade and how my shyness saved me.

When I was a Freshman in high school I fell hard for Brenda. She was everything I ever wanted and we became good friends. The sad thing is that she had a boyfriend. He was a senior and of course, everything I was not. He was very cool and we got along good. But during our Sophmore year they broke up. YES!! Did I step right up and tell her how I felt about her? NO! Some say shy, some say chickenshit. Soon Brenda was dating a good friend of mine and then not long after she stopped coming to school.

Can you guess why?

I sat next to my buddy in science class and he would give me updates on Brenda. She was in school but the school where expectant mothers went and she was doing okay. They got married. My friend told me that they were trying to pick a name for the baby. They had a boy's name but not a good girls name. I suggested a name that was also the name of a popular Stones song. Angie.

Guess what they named their daughter?

Next came Becky. My beautiful blue eyed Becky. She was the typical cute girl who dated losers and I was her confidante. I knew it all and I told her what to do best I could. I was the "I can talk to you" patsy. I made my moves but not too agressively because we were the same religion and I wanted to adhere to those standards for whatever reason.

Little did I know.

I went on my two year mission and when I came back I took Becky out a few times. We weren't serious but I was trying to move that way. She was seeing another guy as well but I was being persistent because I really like Becky. Then one day while we were alone she told me that she was marrying this other guy. I was devistated but didn't show her. I got an invitation to the wedding, sorta. It was addressed to Brother and Sister Lilly and Dan. I was "and Dan"?

Becky didn't even KNOW my parents other than meeting them once for five minutes.

Needless to say I was a no show.

Becky and her husband moved away shortly after the wedding. I found out later it was so the gossipers wouldn't count on their fingers and come up short a month.

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