Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I rarely post about politics but

Barack Obama has secured the democratic nomination for President of the United States and Hillary Clinton is morphing into a female Dick Cheney. There are those who think an Obama-Clinton ticket would be a dream but I believe it would be a nightmare. It's the very reason why something never happens. Why the winner never picks the runner-up. Until Dick Cheney came along, the Vice President pretty much always slipped into obscurity. Dick had more experience and more power than George and many feel he's the 'power behind the throne" and calls many of the shots. I believe the Clintons see this as an opportunity to do the same thing. There is one thing that's almost a lock in this election. That is that John McCain will lose. People who look at the polls now are fools. There is a long way to go. There are debates. There are "foot in mouth" traps laying in the grass for both candidates. Right now people are worried because Barack has only a slight lead and in some polls is even. Let me remind you that when Barack entered the race for the nomination he was trailing Hillary by 30 points in most polls and Hillary was, is, and will always be tremendously more popular than John McCain.

People say that Hillary supporters simply won't vote. I say that republicans will stay away in droves as well. John McCain has to lose this "W's third term" monkey on his back and to do that he will shift his stance on some things closer to the center and it will drive the hard liners away.

Hillary has to look at the harsh reality that she lost. She has only one option if she wants to retain party support. She has to be a GOOD loser. Her next chance at the presidency will be in eight years at which time she will be close to the age that McCain is now. If she muddies the water for Obama in this election she won't stand a chance of ever being elected President.

Barack will be elected President by a margin of 10-12 percentage points without Hillary. It might be a larger margin with Hillary on the ticket but it will surely be a Presidency shrouded by bickering and back door policy that may result in only one term because after all, the republicans aren't stupid. They'll use the four years to let the Bush fiasco fade and then find a solid candidate to counter the incumbent Obama. Sure, the incumbent is very hard to beat but the vice president who runs four years later won't be.

i appreciate that post. i'm so scared to even think of republicans staying in office i usually avoid even thinking about what november will bring. you really think obama will win no problem? that makes me feel a lot better. not because i care specifically what you think, but just to hear someone, anyone, say that makes me feel better.

i stopped blogging about politics (for the most part) a long time ago, i just can't handle the stress it brings me. it's almost too overwhelming to considering opening up a discussion on.
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