Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I like to walk barefoot through the dark house. The soft carpet turns to cool smooth tile thirteen steps down. It smelled like grandma's house by the front door and I was ten years old again for an instant as i looked out through the glass in the front door to the street. Earphones and nice jazz and I didn't notice if the wife stirred as I walked by the bed to the bathroom. It took just a bit for my eyes to adjust after I turned on the light in the bathroom. The nail on my big toe was bothering me because it had split close to the edge and was like a knife and had to be trimmed.

Moments later and I was adjusting to the dark again when the light in my son's room lit up the hallway. I took out the jazz to hear my grandson crying. I startled my son as I appeared unexpectedly in the doorway of the room where my grandson sleeps and then went in to calm the little guy down. He had a look about him that makes me wonder if he was even really awake. But he calmed down and went back to sleep in an awkward position on his back with his head hanging over the edge of the bed.

Now I'm downstairs enjoying a day off feeling of being up very early but knowing that I can go back to bed soon and not worry about work for a couple of days even though it will pester me. Things at work are such a stressful situation like nothing I've known. A surreal feeling and wondering when people are going to snap out of it.

This coke is going warm fast because I just put them in the fridge last evening and they still need time to chill through. Coca Cola is printed in Thai on this and the other 24 cans in the box. Some Beijing Olympic promo thing.

I'm getting a sore throat thanks to somebody at work. That's the way we are. Even though we're sick we still go in. Nobody appreciates it but instead give us grief if we were to use more than two sick days in a row. Who gets a one day cold?

I'm going back to bed now. Maybe I'll play golf later today.

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