Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good morning blogosphere

On my back in bed with the iPod and my knees up and pecking two fingered on this thing I send out my greetings to all.

The wife is moving around the house and I reminded her that she needs to shower before the roofers show up. See, there are two skylights in our bathroom and they're working that side of the house now. Yesterday I was sitting on the throne when the blue plastic was lifted away to reveal one of the workers. Sorry dude, you definitely lost that round.

Got the weekly shopping done yesterday so I can watch the Euro 2008 quarterfinals games today uninterrupted unless I decide to go play golf.

I had the weird dreams last night. Kinda like a rapid fire clip show of bizarreness. My core belief is that dreams are completely random electronic signals the brain creates to entertain itself but sometimes I like to think that the short weird bizarre rapid fire stuff I had last night are the brain's way of purging toxins. The conflict stress argument shit that we create in there while we're awake. Kinda like they say what occurs in tears. A needed release of built up toxins.

All I need when that stuff happens is for Ludwig Van to be playing in the background.

Have a good one, droogs.

Lols, poor roofer dude.
Lulz!!! I laughed!

Once when our roof was getting done I got a shower and I had the blinds pulled in such a way from the street you wouldn't be able to see my but if you were above you could... and well... yeah. After that incident we got mactac on my bathroom windows.

Poop there was more I was going to say and I can't remember. I wish I could see your post still when I comment.
Oh look at that I can view your original post when I comment. I am win.

Oh, right; dreams. I read about dreams constantly. I'd love to hear more details about your dream. I'm just like that. I kinda dig Jung and Freud I also have my own theories. I've been interested in dreams all my life because of astral visits, sleep hag and sleep paralysis it's been very dominant in my life.

You'll have to read my book I am writing ;)
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