Friday, May 16, 2008

We are exhausted and sprawled out on the beds of our hotel room in Calgary

The drive was shorter but add it to yesterday and that it was all two lane roads... I got some really good pictures though and the weather is still sunny and warm.

Can I say something between you and me?

There are some people who know that we are in town. We are having dinner with some of them in about an hour. Yet here we are, in a hotel. If it were the other way around, any of them would be staying at our house, or at least the house would have been offered.

Tomorrow early AM we are headed for Cardston. All the traffic should be light because it's heavy today. Cardston, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and Vulcan. Well with TWO of those you know were in Southern Alberta.

Those dirt bags!
are you going to virgin fest?
That's rough, some people just don't think that far ahead.
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