Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday is the new Friday

I have a four day weekend. It will be my last 4 dayer of the year because I changed my schedule. I will now have Wednesdays and Thursdays off for the rest of the summer at least.

Lemme tell you what I enjoyed at work today.

A gentlemen whose breath would knock a buzzard off a shit wagon.

The lack of an iPod because I forgot to recharge it.

A guy who smelled like a walking ashtray.

Two ladies dressed so horribly that I had to separate them to keep from vomiting.

Met a Colombian boxer who's next fight is for the WBC title in his weight class.

And to top it off I had to slow to the speed limit when I happened upon an unmarked police car on the way home.

On another note, it's May 1st


Happy work weekend! Today was my Saturday. It was nice. Tomorrow's Sunday should be nice as well.
What exactly does "Zona Boy" mean?
It means I'm from Arizona. We "in crowd" Arizona natives shorten it to 'zona yo.

Kinda like Van City
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