Friday, May 23, 2008

So here I am awake at 3:45AM and it feels alright

I dreamt I was at the academy awards and I was nominated for screen play but didn't win. The director of our film won as well as the child star. It was a casual affair with the men dressed in polo shirts and after I was talking to Robert De Niro as he was folding chairs that had been used.

I got up and reached for the iPod determined to listen to a tune I was craving. I turned it on and it was already on The Dave Matthews Band and when I pushed shuffle it played the exact song I was looking for. Lie In Our Graves. It's on repeat now.

I turned the rental car in yesterday with 4000 more kilometers on it than when I got it. Then I popped into the office and grabbed my mail. I went in and out a door that brought me in contact with as few people as possible. Why ruin the end of my vacation before I need to?

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