Saturday, May 17, 2008

Road trip is all about the hotels people

So far we have been in three hotels on this trip so lets rate'em!

Super 8, Edson $124.00
Continental breakfast
Free pay TV
Free Wifi
Shower head was over my head
Great bed

Hampton Inn, Calgary $179.00*
Better continental breakfast
Secure carpark
Free Wifi
Shower head was over my head
So so bed

South Country Inn, Cardston $109.00
No breakfast
Free Wifi
Shower head was over my head
Great bed

Now I'm sure you've noticed the * by the price of the Hampton Inn. We actually paid $124.00 after they discounted the price 30%. They did that after I spent 45 minutes stuck in one of their elevators. Even though it was a nice gesture I still have to place them last overall so far.

We got free premium TV at the Super 8 (including PORN which I saw 30 seconds of because my wife is revolted by nudity but hey, it's the thought that counts). The bathtub was huge and shower was great but they're currently in second.

The winner was a no brainer but the South Country Inn cheated. They had a card up their sleeve and I still gave them the nod. Here's the winning strategy. Coke machine, not Pepsi. I put $1 in and out pops a CAN of coke. (my preferred container) I notice something right off the bat. Something about the can. I had to open it to confirm my suspicion. I took a drink and it was all confirmed to my delight. You see, Cardston, Alberta is about 30 minutes north of the U.S. border. This coke machine was stocked with AMERICAN COCA COLA!!!

Warm, dry, Southern Alberta and I find an oasis, I find nirvana in a hotel coke machine. I told the kid at the front desk what I knew and he told me that the owner DOES bring stuff from the U.S. for the hotel and some other businesses that he owns.

God bless him and the fine work that he does..

NOTE: For those of you new to the blog, Canadian made Coca Cola tastes like shat to me because they use a different sweetener up here. The U.S. uses corn syrup and Canada uses beet sugar. That was explained to me by the manager of the Coca Cola bottling plant in Calgary.

Wow, stuck in an elevator. I'm curious were you calm, irritated or did you set off to panic mode?

ps Connie misses you!
I don't like coke that much anyway.

And it was nice to talk to you while you were stuck in there!
I'm getting you a sash, it's going to say Lord Sassy Soda-pants, Connoisseur of Cola.
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