Thursday, May 15, 2008

Long drive over tall mountains

We are in Edson, Alberta. I have never been here before. We pulled in at about 5PM Vancouver time after 12 hours on the road. That's a regular driving day for me. No stretch at all. We stopped at dairy queen for sundaes. It is windy, sunny, and WARM here. In fact all through the rockies it was warmer than it has been in Vancouver lately. I'll tell you boy and girls, that sun is a wonderful thing.

I had the best feeling in dairy queen and I told the wife, "it feels like home here". I can't explain why it feels that way but it just does. So I decided that we'd stay the night here. Super 8, free internet, free movies, a shower head that I don't have to squat to use, and FREE De La Hoya fight on HBO!

Tomorrow we're off to the prairies. Hanna, Drumheller and then down to Calgary where our Bolivian friends have organized a dinner party in honor of my wife's return to the area for a few days

I got some interesting pics but I didn't bring my cord to upload. Maybe a stop at Walmart when we pop out for dinner.

It's funny how home can hit you at the strangest of times, especially when you think you've left it.
sounds awesome, i wish i could have a road trip like dat
Sounds like you're having fun! Enjoy the ride!
'Home is where the heart is' and your heart is sitting in the passangers seat .... and Dairy Queen!
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