Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let a smile be your umbrella and you just might end up with a mouthful of rain

Keira Anne asks where all the gentlemen are and I say that we're still around but it aint easy.

Some years ago when I was much younger I was driving a delivery truck around Tucson and I see what looks like a purse in the street. I pull off the road first chance I get and walk back to the purse laying on the busy road. Sure enough, it's a purse and it has everything inside. Wallet, checkbook, credit cards, make-up, well, like I said, everything.

I've made my last delivery so I go to a nearby convenience store and call information. Using the lady's name an address I get her number. I give her a call. She doesn't sound relieved, she sounds stunned. So I tell her where I am and that I'll be sitting on the bumper of my truck which is emblazoned with the name of the company I work for. I'm not 5 miles down a country dirt road behind an abandoned house, I'm at a convenience store on a busy city street.

I wait.

She shows up with her grown up daughter which I totally understand given this day and age.

They get out and the looks on their faces tell me that they suspect me as having obtained the purse through other means than how I actually did.

No big deal.

She then proceeds to take the purse and go through it taking inventory to make sure everything is there. I tell her where I found it and that she must have left it on the roof of the car for whatever reason.

These women are not the happy kinda women you'd expect if you can imagine what a pain in the ass losing all your I.D. is.

The lady pulls $5 from the wallet and hands it out to me and says thank you.

"That's okay" says I, and I decline her offer.

Now I LOVE women. They're my preferred gender of the species. I love doing things for'em. I get out of my booth at work and push luggage carts for'em so they only have to push the baby stroller and not both. When they look incredible, I tell'em. Most react like I would hope they do and glow. I've gotten many many "you just made my day" responses. (we're talking total strangers here)


Yes, there's always a BUT

I've been "kneed in the nuts" my share of the time. Maybe it's because you girls have dealt with your fair share of losers so I can't blame you that much.

So remember what I tell many people at work when they ask about the mood we happen to be in whether good or bad.

Sometimes it depends on the last person we dealt with to determine what YOU get when we have our interaction.

Recently, I've not been thrilled to have two people tell me I'm sweet. Sweet is good but it not exactly how I see myself at this stage of the game. However that's what I was going to say to you. You're really sweet.

I keep to myself a lot so when I do finally get out, I too take the extra minute to smile and enjoy the people I encounter, male or female, especially if they're receptive. Not only does it make their day, it makes mine. I gotta get out more often.

Thank goodness for a few good men Zona!
You are soooo right about that. Good moods are infectious, but unfortunately,so are bad ones...
I have lost my wallet/purse several times and I can assure you that I am ALWAYS happy with whoever finds it, hey they can take the $40 is they find it whatev just gimme my wallet and I will show you gratitude!

Some women/people are just horrible, always thinking the worst is happening when in fact it's a blessing.
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