Monday, May 26, 2008

it's 'cause I'm old.
you're not old. when he was 50, you're dad was old, but you're not old.
I feel old.
you feel outta shape is what you feel. you need to exercise.
and eat right?
and eat right.
I wanna be famous.
can't help you there pal.
I want chicks all around me.
you'd just get bored with'em after awhile.
you think?
I think.
I like the idea of chicks who smile, treat you right, and then go away.
they're called hookers.
you make it sound bad.
okay, it's good. four bills an hour good.
four bills?
four bills.
maybe I could be a guy hooker.
doubt it champ.
why not?
trust me. you don't want anything to do with any broad who would pay YOU four bills an hour.

I'd buy you coffee to just sit around and talk for a while. What?
Well coffee IS expensive in greece, about 5 E (something like 8 dollars).
I'd gladly sit with you no charge
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