Sunday, May 25, 2008

I was driving home from Edmonton with my wife when two punks decided to play games and block our car in for a few miles going at slow speed on highway 10 near Surrey. I called the RCMP on the cell phone but they were unable to respond. The two cars soon pulled off into a convenience store and we were on our way home free of the harassment.

When we got home I told my wife what I was thinking and now I tell you.

If the car in front of me had stopped and the driver would have gotten out I would have put the car I was driving into reverse and slammed into the car behind me. That would have given me the room to then put the car in drive and run over the guy who I would have considered a threat to us.

My wife stayed silent for some time.

When I see a friend of mine in the RCMP I'll have her see what became of the car in front. I gave them the license and make of the car. I know that in my home town the kid would have arrived home and wondered why a cop car was parked across the street from his house.

And you know what the great thing about that would have been? You can claim you were hitting the brakes and the car behind you never stopped in time and he would have to pay for the damages because in BC it's so hard to prove whether you were were rear-ended or backed into, and rear-ending always wins.
you know it's healthy to talk about what you really wanted to do to those punks, even though you 'did the right thing' and let the RCMP handle it.

and I'll remember to never drive like a punk asss in front of you ;)
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