Sunday, May 04, 2008

I finally had a burger at Vera's. Lots of people rave about'em but I'm here to tell you, they're not that good.

First off, it took FOREVER for them to make it and they weren't even close to being busy. Then there were the lame fries. Mostly tiny fries that I needed a fork to eat. The roll the burger came on was tough and had no taste.

Sorry Vancouver but your "favorite" burger sucks.

Peter's burger in Calgary beats Vera's meat.

MY favorite burger on the planet is STILL the burger at Love Burgers in San Clemente, California.

In second place is the burger at the Semiahmoo golf course in Blaine, WA and the bronze goes to Whataburger

If you want a good burger..go to Burger Heaven in New West. They beat both Peter and Vera's meat.
I'm actually a fan of The Red Onion.

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