Saturday, May 03, 2008

Good Saturday morning to you

I am up early on a day off. I'm up at the time I would normally get up if it were a work day. 3AM and I am plugged in to my iPod listening to Stranger In Town by Pat Metheny on repeat and enjoying a can of coke. Funny as it sounds, I enjoy getting up at this time on a day off. I sit in the glow of my laptop and am more relaxed than I ever am. I go until my adrenaline wears off and then I go back upstairs to bed.

Today I will be downtown at about noon. I'm gonna have one of the burgers I always hear rave revues about at a place called Vera's. There are several locations in Vancouver and I will be at the one on Davie.

Then I will cruise over to the Art Museum where the participants in the Global Marijuana March will be gathering. The march begins at 2 and I want to shoot. I am excited to meet up with a local girl named Phaedra. I know her from the local blogger community but we have not met.

Lets hope it doesn't rain too much and that my party girls back east in T.O. aren't too hung over.


I suck because I didn't go....but there is another(and bigger)rally July 1st...I will be there manning my cookie booth...
maybe I'll drop by to man your cookies
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