Friday, May 16, 2008

Good morning I'm tired

From the time we left Vancouver until we reached Jasper National Park we saw maybe ONE RCMP vehicle. So I was averaging 20 KPH over the limit most of the way. Then we hit Alberta where me and the local cops had a disagreement some time ago. So it's the speed limit on cruise control with people passing and kids waving out the back window of the minivan,

The nice people at the gates to the park in Jasper wanted $19 for the pleasure of simply driving through the park. The "no charge" option would "add 40 minutes to your trip". The guy actually got mad when I told him I wasn't going to pay and give me those directions again. All he had to say was, "you come to a traffic light, go straight, don't turn or you'll hit another gate where you'll be charged". But he didn't. He just got mad and made it sound harder than it was.

I'll tell you boys and girls, when we hit that park the RCMP were about as plentiful as frat boys in a room with a passed out sorority pledge, There were three of them at ONE pulled over vehicle fighting over who got to eat the still beating heart. The only joy I got is that one asshole who was riding my ass finally whipped around, cut the car in front of me off, flew around a curve and BAM!! I laughed when the lights went on and the RCMP unit flipped that u-turn.

Then the goats showed up

They outnumbered the RCMP. We musta seen 40 mountain goats and one elk and a lake still pretty much frozen. Still a lot of brown around and lots of dust here. This town seems to be a big gathering place for off road vehicles. We ate chinese and then came back to watch Vantage Point on TV. Man does THAT movie ever SUCK! Speaking of that, the only funny thing was when I was going through the channels looking for the movie I stumbled on the porn channel. It made me laugh. I mean, how many times have you cruised through the channels and saw commercial, commercial, crime drama, hospital drama, commercial, BAM!! pause, "wow, how can she do...oh shit, the wife's coming out of the bathroom" click "oh thank god, here's the movie".

I mean, when you don't expect to see raw porn while channel surfing...

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