Sunday, May 18, 2008

From the prairie to the big city

We left Cardston and drove north across the still barren wheat fields to Vulcan. There's a golf course there and even though I didn't have the time to play, we stopped by for a hat, and breakfast. Fresh fresh eggs. Then onward past more fields and decaying buildings. The rare wooden grain elevator and hay rolled up like big cinnamon rolls The clouds kept the day gray and the wind pushed the car and the two lane roads made a long drive.

Calgary blew a kiss as I passed on the road called Deerfoot

Up farther to Red Deer where an Earl's sign screamed at us to stop for lunch. Earl's has the best chowder on the planet and the Earl's Girls are always so fine. Think of a Hooter's girl who dresses nicer, likes her breasts the way they are, and knows how to read above a 3rd grade level and you have an Earl's Girl. I WAS surprised to see that our Earl's Girl had a pierced tongue. The chowder was great and the pasta was good too.

Boy and girls I'm telling you that my ass was dragging on the ground when I walked through the door of the hotel in downtown Edmonton. I called the boy and he was surprised that we had arrived so early (4PM) and he was doing laundry so he wouldn't knock on the door for another two hours. Maggie napped and I watched Fletch on TV and played online poker.

So the son shows up and we go with him to the studio where his band is recording their next CD. Now calling this place a studio is like calling a can of tuna a lobster dinner. It's a big room above a laser tag place where five local bands rehearse. There's a smaller room where they record using there laptops. Then there's the art department where they do screen printing. The guy who owns the building does merch for the bands. It is what you imagine. Instruments and instrument cases all around. Five drum kits set up and guitar pedals on the ground. I took lots of pictures so you'll have to wait until next weekend to see them.

Danny recorded his track and they were satisfied after six or seven takes and it was off to dinner surrounded by posers and pretenders. Guys with hats on backwards and girls with fresh nails clasping glasses of the latest hip wine. Yes kids, I'm talking about none other than Joey Tomato's. I had a spicy pasta thing. The spice and the sausage completely overwhelmed the delicate flavors of the other ingredients. And the shrimp and scallops were tiny. The sizes of quarters and pencil erasers.

Now I am in my PJ's and it's midnight and I'm gonna fall asleep right after Purple Rain.

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