Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Your hero is sick

It's my turn to have the 24 hour bug that's been hanging around the family. First the grandkids then the wife and a son and now me. I was up most of the night running to the toilet for false puke alarms. I haven't puked in about 15 years. My body finally gave up on tossing the toxins out one end and decided for the other. Hey, it's not pleasant but I TOLD you I was sick.

Add to my discomfort the fact that today is my day off. I hate being sick on days off. Sick should CREATE days off. I DID leave work 2 and a half hours early yesterday when I felt it coming on.

One other thing I don't like about this bug, it dehydrates me so my wife pesters me to drink lots of water. I HATE drinking water. Of course I don't feel like drinking coke when I have this and I know that coke has the reverse effect anyway. I ate a can of peaches not to long ago.

I have a feeling I'll live.

Sorry you aren't feeling well, hun.

Puke alarms....that sounds intense. You know, in the unpleasant sense of the word.

Feel better soon (I bet, swell guy that you are, that you could kick this 24 hour thing in just 20 hours if only you'd drink the damn water!)

I just had two slices of pizza. might not have been the best idea of the day
Yeah... the pizza probably wasn't your smartest move but meh, at least you were able to eat something so you must be feeling a bit better.

Feel even more better soon!
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