Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Troubleshooting and health news

Hey Smelly, I fixed your link so stop sticking my doll with needles. But maybe you'll start again because I refuse to use a password to access your man's blog. That's just too techie for me.

I'm much better today. Now it's time for a shower and where's that leftover pizza?

NO, I don't eat pizza while in the shower.

My wife made me stop because the sausage that falls off from time to time clogs the drain and she hates getting down on her hands and knees with a plunger. I AM happy that she finally installed that little shelf in the stall so I have a place to put my coke though.

See? I can sacrifice one thing to get another.

That's what's kept us together for 26 years.

I think that was my best post ever
unclogging the drain is a man's job.
getting the rubbish out, too.
I TRY to tell her that but she insists!
Thanks for fixing my link! I know it blows that my ol'man had to go all password on his blog. Damn terrorists.
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