Sunday, April 20, 2008

Torn, defaced, agony in Asia

It got cold here and snowed and I am really tired of this it's still winter bullshit in Canada.

My daughter left my old canon behind when she moved so I'm thinking that I'm gonna load it up with different kinds of film when I'm on Vancouver Island in a few weeks.

Ya know, I'm tempted to just sleep in the car some nights. Gonna stay up all night some nights and shoot dark images. Gonna stretch outta the box.

I put in my rotation back to the States list this past week.

Las Vegas
Salt Lake City

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Hey, congratulations of having just a likeable blog! I concur! Well, except for the lizard on the stick. That was kind of iffy. And for the story about sausage in your drain. True, I laughed a lot, but then I really thought about eating pizza in the shower, and that's a thought that's stuck with me all week!
you bring the loofa and I'll bring the pie

I know pizza doesn't float so a hot tub is AFTER the shower
Snow, what the hell? You keep that evil in your parts, thank-you! :)
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