Saturday, April 05, 2008

Shaky 7AM at Super 8

I have been waking up on the half hour for the last three. I've had the wedding fiasco dream. The groom dressed up, as the best man put it, as a zombie pregnant Abe Lincoln at the Emancipation Proclamation speech. Yes, I remember that detail very clearly. I also remember that I was distraught because I did not get to walk my daughter down the aisle.

There has been an actual bank miscommunication but it'll be fine. I arrived at the suit rental place in downtown Vancouver to pick up the boys' suits with 10 minutes to spare. Ilsen got off work earlier than planned and the 1+ hour wait I was expecting at the border turned out to be 15 minutes.

Dinner at Chihuahua's Mexican then here to the motel. Three rooms all right next to each other. Maggie, Jen and the babies in one, me and the boys in one, and mom and Ilsen in the other. American cable TV with the CBC just to mess with me and Keith Olbermann had the night off with bummed me out. The bed is very comfortable and I will sleep better tonight when it's all over.

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