Monday, April 07, 2008

Rested but still angry at some banks.

I have accounts in three banks and ALL of them shut down my ATM cards for various reasons. Phone calls and a branch visit got them all back up but not until today. The day of my daughter's wedding I was a cash machine created pauper.

Luckily it had all been paid for already.

One bank had me as a teenager with a very low daily and weekly "get money outta the machine" limits. And I'm upset because I've passed close to half a million dollars thru that bank in the last 8 years.

But MOST of my wrath goes to the Bank of America. Their crack security team shut my card off when they saw a transaction they regarded as suspect. Cash from an ATM? No. A computer in Zimbabwe? No. It was a $58.00 purchase at Macy's Department Store in Bellevue, Washington. Here's why I have a serious problem. It was because of a face to face transaction in the same state where I opened my account. Now for those of you who do not have accounts with Bank of America allow me to tell you what you would see on my ATM/Debit card if you were a cashier and I were to present it to you.

1) The account number

2) The Bank of America logo

3) A picture of somebody. Who you ask?


My picture is on my ATM/Debit card!!!

The rocket scientists at card security shut my card off when the suspected a face to face transaction to be fraudulent.


now that you've got that off your chest, can we have more wedding pictures please?
as you wish
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