Friday, April 04, 2008

Prices vary according to our mood?

There is a barber shop near our house and I have been there a few times. Today I took the boys in for a pre wedding trim. The place is divided in to two areas. The standard barber, and the hair salon. Dan was called into the salon side. He paid $10 for his trim. Robert was called to the barber side. I paid $18 for his haircut.

This aint the first time I've noticed this interesting price structure. I paid $10 on the salon side one time and the next time $15 on the salon side. The time I was on the barber side I was charged $10. All for basically the same haircut.

Now Robert and I have the same hairstyle. Dan likes his a little longer. I'm not a barber but I think the same work is involved in all our haircuts so it's interesting that the price varies.

Now you know that complaining about a haircut means you're done at that shop. It's like complaining about your food at a restaurant and sending it back to be fixed to your taste.

Bad Move.

Of course the barber isn't going to spit on my hair but a good one CAN cut in a manner so that the hair on either side grows back in different ways.

Or he/she CAN "slip" and go "oops".


But I DO find it interesting that I get charged different prices and in a weird way it makes it fun to get my haircut there.

Hair Stylists work on an experience = more expensive scale.

So, a junior stylist may only be $10 and a senior stylist $15.

It probably has nothing to do with the cut, but who is doing the cutting.
ah but you're forgetting that the same guy who charged me 10, charged Robert 18
maybe you get a seniors discount?
that's right, I'm damn cheeky.
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